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Map and Itinerary

Mexico 2009

16 February - 20 March 2009

Rough Itinerary
Depart Seattle at 9:30 am Feb 16; Arrive in Mexico City 4:40 pm
Spend ~6 days in Mexico City
Visit Tula
Visit Butterfly Reserve
Bus to Papantla; Visit El Tajin
Bus to Veracruz
Bus to Oaxaca; Visit Monte Alban
Bus to San Cristobal de Las Casas
Bus to Palenque; Visit Bonampak
Bus to Campeche; Visit Edzna
Bus to Merida
Visit Chichen Itza
Visit Tulum
Bus to Belize; Boat to Ambergris Caye
Bus to Tikal
Bus to Cancun
Depart Cancun 11:35 am; Arrive in Seattle at 8:35 pm

Map of Expected Travel Route:


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